Garlic Essential Oil

Garlic Essential Oil

Garlic Essential Oil

Garlic oil has antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral medicinal properties. Garlic oil can be used both orally and topically. Garlic oil is beneficial to treat infections due to bacteria and fungus. It contains antifungal and antibacterial medicinal properties. This can also treat staph infections and yeast infections.


Take few drops of garlic oil on the cotton ball. Keep this on the affected tooth for at least 10 minutes to half an hour. Repeat the procedure for 2-3 times per day for alleviating tooth pain.

Garlic oil can be useful to maintain blood pressure and lower high blood pressure. It acts as a blood thinner that unclogs the blood vessels and thus, prevents from atherosclerosis. This is also useful to avoid strokes and thrombosis. Garlic oil can also lower the blood sugar levels.

Garlic oil decreases bad cholesterol level which triggers many types of heart disease. Hence, they can promote an healthy heart.

Garlic oil can be applied on the skin to treat fungal infections, warts, and corns. It is also useful to cure fungal infections like jock itch, ringworm, and athlete’s foot.

Color & Aroma

Color: Yellow to orange red liquid @22C with Strong Garlic odor,
Aroma: Strong and pungent garlic aroma.

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