Rang Panchami

Rang Panchami festival is a part of Holi festival celebrated five days after Dhulivandan. It is mainly observed in rural areas in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and some parts of North India. Holi is the one of the most big and famous festival in India and concludes with Rang Panchami.

Rang means color and Panchami means the fifth day during a lunar fortnight. The festival of Rang Panchami is associated with Holi festival but is not very popular as it is more of a traditional festival and is limited to Maharashtra with rural Marathi culture. It is very significant especially with the farming community.

When is it observed?

Rang Panchami is celebrated on the fifth day (panchami) of the dark fortnight of the Hindu lunar month of Phalgun by throwing a red, fragrant powder (gulal) and splashing colored water on others. It is observed on Monday 28th March 2016 with full of joy.


Rang Panchami is celebrated by throwing colors in the air. The fire, which shines with its brilliance on Holi, destroys the raja-tama particles in the atmosphere and this helps activate various Deities in the form of colors. Thus, Rang Panchami is a symbol of victory over raja-tama. Its purpose is to activate the five elements of radiant manifest colors and to touch and feel the Deities who are attracted to the respective colors.

Rang Panchami is the worship of the protector form of the Deities.


Holi is one of widely celebrated festival in India. Not only in India but also celebrated in Nepal too with great enthusiasm. On Rang Panchami festival all people comes together and play with different colors. On this day all enemies becomes friends. All children, young and old play with full of joy. Even in some temples of Mathura and Vrindavan, it is Rang Panchami which culminates the Holi festivity.

Local people of Maharashtra called Holi as Shimga or Shimgo or Rang Panchami. The festival is particularly popular amongst the fisher folk and farmers. They celebrate it in a large scale by singing, dancing and merry-making. In Bengal, Holi features the Dolayatra and in Punjab they call it ‘Hola Mohalla’.

This festival is also associated with the immortal love of Krishna and Radha.

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