Darbha / Kusha Mat

Darbha / Kusha Mat

Darbha / Kusha Mat

Hand woven mats from 100% natural Kusha grass, these mats are ideal as seats while doing rituals, meditation and pooja ceremonies.

The sanctity of dharba or kusha,is as old as the Indian gods. .Puranas tell how Vishnu assumed the form of the Cosmic Tortoise (Skt. kurma) whose shell served to support Mandara, the mountain that served as a dasher in the churning of the Sea of Milk. As the mountain rotated, several hairs were rubbed from the tortoise’s back. With time, they washed ashore and became Kusha.

All kind of evil forces like ghosts, spirits, demons, etc. keep away from the place where it is used. This is considered to be the holiest of all the thirthas here, and is believed to be the spot where Gowtama Rishi finally secured Ganga on earth by spreading the Kusha or the Durva grass around her. Kusha grass is considered purifying, and rings woven of it are sometimes worn in worship to keep the hands ritually pure. It is also a remarkable insulator, both physically and metaphysically. Kusha mats can also be used with a blanket on top for sleeping on damp ground in bitterly cold weather.

Unique features of Kusha Grass:

Handcrafted mat from natural grass (Kusha grass).

Traditional hand weaving technique using cotton yarn.

Eco friendly and washable.

Sleek and light weight. 

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