Panchmukhi Ganesh In Brass

Panchmukhi Ganesh In Brass

Panchmukhi Ganesh In Brass

Pancha means Five and mukhi means faced. He is considered as the ‘god of gods’. Just the single-headed elephant god can bestow umpteen benefits on the worshipper. But imagine, if you were to worship a five-headed elephant god – the Panchamukhi Vinayaka.

Five Kosha:

Annamaya kosha: the flesh body made of matter

Pranamaya kosha: the breath body, or energy body

Manomayakosha: the mental body

Vighnnamayakosha: the body of the Upper Consciousness

Anandamayakosha: the body of Cosmic Bless.

Thus this form of Lord Ganesha when kept in home/office, brings auspicious vibrations of spirituality, harmony and bliss. 

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