Swetar Ganesha

Swetar Ganesha

Swetar Ganesha

Swetark root is invited on an auspicious day and carved into Ganapati form in auspicious Muhurta. Those who keep this idol of Ganesh in their homes enjoy the presence of Devi Laxmi and Lord Shiva. As per ancient texts, Japa of Moolamantra (Om Gum Ganapatayei Namah) of Lord Ganesh before this idol ensures His Darshan.

Swetark Ganesha is one of the purest and rarest sacred items. Swetark Ganapati is made from the root of a shrub called white Aankada (Ark) in Sanskrit. Flowers of Aankada are favorite of Lord Shiva.

Benefits of Swetar Ganesha:

Eliminates illness and diseases
Activating positive energies in the house
Gives knowledge and concentration power
Maintains harmony in married life
Protection against any enemy

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