Jivati Pooja

clip_image002Jivati Pooja, is also called Jiviti Pooja is  a Shravan Shukravar Vrat in Maharashtra & Gujarat.  Jiviti Puja, Jara Jivantika Puja (Jara Jeevantika Vrata) is a pooja observed by married women in Maharashtra and Gujarat on Fridays during Shravan month. In 2014, Jivati Pooja dates are – August 1, August 8, August 15 and August 22.

Jivati Puja is observed on one of the Fridays in Shravan month. Jiviti is an avatar or manifestation of Goddess Parvati.

In Maharashtra there is popular belief that worshipping Goddess Jivati or observing Jivathi Pooja can protect children from evil and bad effects and makes them healthy.

There is no specific puja procedure for Jiviti vrata. Some special recipes like Puran Poli are made and served to family members. Women apply haldi and kumkum on each other’s forehead and prayed to Goddess Jivati for long and happy marital life.


clip_image004This vrat is observed on every Friday of the Hindu lunar Shravan month. The deity associated with this vrat is Jivantika, that is, Jivati Devi. This deity protects small children. In this vrat, on the first Friday of Shravan, women draw a picture of deity Jivati on the wall with sandalwood and worship it. Nowadays printed picture is worshipped. Five married women (suhagan) having children, are invited to the house and after applying turmeric and vermillion on their forehead milk, sugar and roasted grams are given to them as holy sacrament (prasad).

Shravani Friday and jivati ​​pujana is kuladharma or kulacara in several family.

On each Friday of Shravan kuladevi and goddess Laxmi is worshiped. ShriJivatichi Aarati is is sung by the ladies in the month of Shravan Month on every Friday. Ladies are asking the Jivati Devi to protect their children. They are asking Jivati Devi to make their children trouble free from Satavi and make the children happy. The ladies who perform this Aarati are asking Jivati Devi to fulfil their desires, let there be happiness in their family always. The ladies describe how they worship Jivati Devi. On the very first day of Shravan month, every year; they bring the photo of Jivati Devi and keep it at their worship place. Then they perform pooja of Jivati Devi on every Friday in the month of Shravan. Garlands of Aaghada, Durva and flowers are offered and placed on the photo. Story of Jivati Devi’s blessings are read. Ladies from nearby places are called for lunch and offered Lunch, Chane, Halad-KumKum and milk is served to them. Puranpoli as a sweet dish is prepared for prasadam and for lunch. Thus the ladies are honoured as Jivati Devi and lunch is offered them by host lady. Finally the ladies are asking Jivati Devi to make their children trouble free from Satavi and make the children happy.


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